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Signature Journeys

Be guided along curated sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail. Each Journey embraces its own character and tells a unique story. 

Our Signature Journeys are the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the Gariwerd landscape. Curated stages of the trail tell their own story through their history, geology and environment.

You'll be guided from start to finish, staying on the trail in supported hiker camps, enjoy fresh, healthy trail meals and witness the story of the landscape through which you're travelling - what role will you play?

Don't just walk the Grampians Peaks Trail - Experience it!

Signature Journey. What does it mean?

  • Walk curated sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail

  • Learn about part of a very diverse landscape

  • Led by expert local guides

  • Stay on trail in supported hiker camps

  • Fresh, healthy, camp cooked meals

  • Small groups - maximum of 12 hikers

  • Tents and other camp gear provided

You may have a lot of questions, don't hesitate to get in touch to discuss any of our adventures.

Current Signature Journeys


The most iconic range in the Grampians. Visit popular sites like The Pinnacle and Venus Baths and stay on the trail at our supported hiker camp.

Location: Central Grampians
Activity: Multi-day hiking
Duration: 2 days, 1 night
Main lodging: Tented hiker camp
Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Comfort level: Comfortable camping
As more sections of the Grampians Peaks Trail open, more Signature Journey itineraries will be released!
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Gar is steeped in culture and history and delivers some of the most spectacular waterfalls, exposed trails and high views of all the GPT.


This Journey begins in Roses Gap and takes us over Gar (Mount Difficult), around Lake Wartook and into Halls Gap.

Location: Northern Grampians
Activity: Multi-day hiking
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Main lodging: Hiker camp huts
Difficulty: Moderate
Comfort level: Hut camping

Follow in the footsteps of an explorer and learn about the history of long before he arrived. Climb Mount William and continue across the Major Mitch Plateau on this 3-day backcountry hike.

Location: Central Grampians
Activity: Multi-day hiking
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Main lodging: Tented hiker camp
Difficulty: Moderate
Comfort level: Comfortable camping

Complete the final dramatic days of the Grampians Peaks Trail and explore the southernmost parts of the range. Climb the famous peaks of Mt Abrupt and Mt Sturgeon before finishing in Dunkeld.

Location: Southern Grampians
Activity: Multi-day hiking
Duration: 3 days, 2 nights
Main lodging: Tented hiker camp
Difficulty: Moderate
Comfort level: Comfortable camping
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