How will YOU hike the GPT?

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

No matter your skill, fitness, time, budget or the level of experience you seek, there is a way for you to experience the Grampians Peaks Trail. From a hardcore 13-day through-hike to a short luxury stay sampling all the delights of the region, The Grampians Peaks Walking Company can be a part of your journey.

Working out what type of adventure you want to go on can be as simple as asking yourself 3 easy questions. Once you've decided on your style of adventure, the rest is easy!

*If you don't want to read, scroll to the bottom for the graphic version!

Q1: Do I want to walk with a guide?

Many people like the independence and freedom of self-guided hiking, the ability to be flexible and self-sufficient is a great way to test your skills and knowledge. While carrying all your own food and equipment, setting up camp and the necessary cooking and cleaning can be hard work, it can also be rewarding.

Hiking on a guided journey can also be an incredibly rich experience. Most guided hikes will offer a level of service that will reduce how much you need to carry as well as minimise your workload around camp allowing you to relax and recover. The real value in hiking with a guide though is having access to a wealth of knowledge and experience. Passionate local guides will share stories and teach you about the landscape through which you walk and well as impart skills and experience built up over years of living and working in the outdoors.


If you like the idea of independent/self-guided hiking, check out our hiker support services that can make planning your journey easier. Transport, water and gear drops as well as equipment rentals.

If you like the idea of a guided journey, read on to find out what suits your style best!

Q2: Do I want to camp or stay in boutique accommodation?

Multi-day hikes can be incredibly rewarding. To reach a high point and look back and see a vast amount of terrain you have just travelled over is a great feeling. Camping at hiker camps along the GPT allows you to complete a longer section of trail in a single journey experience. Services are rudimentary and you'll be sleeping on an inflatable mattress in a hiking tent - but the billion-star view will be worth it!

In contrast, the great access options along the GPT provide the opportunity to hike some of the same section of trail in single day walks allowing you to finish a day's hiking and return to some comfortable accommodation. A hot shower, a comfy bed, a glass of wine, whatever your motivation - If you love your creature comforts as much as you love to hike, This is the way to go!


If you are sold on the idea of adventurous hiking by day and fine wine, a comfortable bed by night, then check out our Grampians Luxe programs - they are made for you.

If you prefer to camp and complete a continuous multi-day journey without leaving the trail, read on!

Q3: How many days do I want to hike?

The GPT is the longest of Victorias iconic walks, luckily for those not gearing up for an epic, it's great access allows us to explore it any number of days at a time. From incredible overnighters to 5-day expeditions and of course, the 13-day epic, the perfect amount of trail time is waiting for you.


2-3 days hiking: For short highlights of the GPT that tell a story, check out our Signature Journeys.

4-5 days Hiking: For mid-length journeys, or to complete the GPT over multiple visits, check out the GPT Stages.

9-13 Days Hiking: Maybe you're addicted? Maybe you're awesome. For those looking for a longer expedition, you can link our GPT stages together back to back to complete longer stages or the full trail in a single push.

We understand that some people one 'read' articles for the pictures, so here is your tool to discover your GPT experience.

Hopefully, you now have an idea of how you would like to explore the Grampians Peaks Trail and how the Grampians Peaks Walking Company can be a part of your journey.

Discover a program that is perfect for you, or keep exploring our blog for more tips and insight into the GPT. Learn more about each of our GPT options in the about us section of our blog.

Happy Trails.


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