Hiker Support - What is it?

The Grampians Peaks Trail is a long and diverse walk. Over its 160 km length, it offers a range of experiences for anyone seeking time in nature. At the Grampians Peaks Walking Company, we have developed a range of tours and services to make those experiences accessible to all. No matter your level of hiking experience, your time constraints, budget or thirst for adventure, we can bring your experience to life. Read on to find out more about our hiker support options.

The Grampians Peaks Trail has a huge number of options for self-guided walks. With so much access along the trail, you can plan a walk from a single day, right through to the full 13 days and anything in between!

If you're planning your own self-guided hike along any section of the GPT, there are a number of challenges you may come across that we can help you overcome. We can help with transport, drop water or your overnight gear and food to campsites as well as a range of equipment to hire.


The GPT is a one way, linear walk, which means you won't finish up back where you started! While philosophically, this is a great thing, it does introduce a logistical challenge to your GPT hike! We offer scheduled and on-demand shuttle services to key trailhead locations as well as bespoke/taxi services to get to the less popular sections of trail.

Currently, the only scheduled service is a shuttle for 'stage one' of the GPT starting in halls gap and hiking the Wonderland Range and Mount Rosea. As more sections of the trail open up, more services will be added. If you require any other transport solution in the Grampians, don't hesitate to contact us to discuss options!

Transport FAQs

How many people can be transported at one time?

Our usual shuttles can transfer up to 13 hikers at one time, although we are able to cater for much larger groups on request.

What if I'm running late/early?

It is important that our scheduled services operate on time so please make sure you're ready to go! If you know you're going to be late, you can contact our office as soon as possible and we can do our best to accommodate.

What happens if I miss the transport due to emergency/weather?

If you miss or are going to miss, a pre-booked transport it is important to get in touch with us as soon as possible especially if you require non-emergency assistance. If you require emergency assistance please call 000!

Is there a discount for groups?

We offer private charter transport services all along the GPT, if you have a group that needs to be moved, get in touch to discuss options.

Can I have a go driving the bus?

As fun as this sounds, safety is our number one priority. All our drivers and vehicles are appropriately licensed and CPVV accredited or registered and frequent mandatory safety checks are conducted on all vehicles.

Water and gear drops

There are a lot of challenges this service can overcome. Guaranteeing safe clean drinking water at your campsite, easing the burden of a heavy backpack or stepping up your camp cooking with fresh food. This service is popular for young families hiking together to reduce the load being carried by mum and dad.

Water and gear drop FAQs

What can be dropped off to my campsite?

We can drop off any equipment, non-refrigerated food or water to your campsite.

What is provided?

For water drops, we provide a 15L container of fresh clean drinking water. For food and equipment, we do not provide anything - simply drop your gear into our shop before your walk begins and we'll get it to your campsite. If you're booking multiple days in a row, we'll go and pick it up and move it to the next site.

How much gear can I get dropped?

Our 'gear' drop is priced strictly per 15 kg bag. While there is some access, most of the campsites still require gear to be transported in on foot! More weight equals more time to move it.

Is there a flat fee for gear drops, or does the price increase the more I get dropped?

Gear drops are calculated 'per item'. An item is defined by weight and calculated in 15kg lots. I.e. A 15L water container is one item as is a backpack or duffle bag up to 15kgs, regardless of its contents.

How should my gear be packed?

Your gear should be packed into a backpack or soft duffle bag for us to carry into the campsite. We are unable to transport large or hard suitcases or boxes. If your drop is a mix of food and gear, it will need to be all packed into the one bag/pack at a max 15 kg.

What if we're running late to meet the drop?

No problem! You are not required to meet the drop at all. We will be armed with your campsite details and intend to have your drop sitting on your tent pad waiting for when you arrive!

Can you drop off a steak dinner for me?

Sure! As long as you pack it yourself, it doesn't need refrigeration and fits into the above requirements - the only limit is your imagination! Eg. Why not freeze your steak and pack it into a small insulated bag or box inside your gear drop - have it delivered on the first night of your hike and light the candles!

If I break some equipment on the trail, can you drop off a replacement for me?

If you have any non-emergency troubles along the trail, don't hesitate to give us a call. Unplanned transport, broken tent pole or torn rain jacket? Maybe you ran out of fuel for your stove? Our Halls Gap shop has a range of spare and repair items as well as fuel that can get you out of trouble - give us a call and we'll see how we can get it to you!

Equipment hire

There is no reason not to be safe and comfortable on the trail, not having the right equipment is no longer an excuse. We have a range of rental equipment specifically chosen for the Grampians environment to fill any gaps in your own equipment:

  • Tents

  • Stoves

  • Backpacks

  • Hiking baby carrier

  • PLB's

  • Satellite phones

If you're looking to purchase any equipment for your adventure, check out our friends at Absolute Outdoors. Their online gear shop, allows you to buy online and pick up in their Halls Gap store!

Gear hire FAQs

Why should I hire rather than buy my own gear?

Owning your own gear is great but it can be a costly investment, particularly if you don't use it often. You also then need to maintain and store your equipment to look after it long term. Hiring can solve all those problems, for a small cost, you can have all the equipment you require to safely and comfortable undertake a multiday hike, then hand it all back when you're done! Our most popular rental items are Personal Locator Beacons (PLB's) and satellite phones. There are many long stretches of the GPT without mobile phone coverage and having additional communications is required to travel safely, which is costly - unless you hire them!

What happens if the gear breaks on the trail?

If any of our rental equipment fails due to being faulty or worn out, get in touch as soon as possible and we'll do our best to arrange a replacement to meet you on the trail!

Why should I hire gear from AO rather than in the city?

While it's great to support local and regional businesses, it's also great to get the right gear and a good price. All of our rental gear is specifically selected for the Grampians environment and offered at reasonable hire rates. Hiring from us also allows you to pick up and drop off directly at the start and end of your hike, there is no need to hire your gear for any additional travel days either side of your hiking adventure!

How do I know that the gear is clean and safe?

All of our hire equipment is checked, cleaned and sanitised on return and checked again before being hired out. Any equipment that would be damaged or have its life drastically reduced by a specific COVID-19 sanitisation process is cleaned as per manufacturers guidelines and quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours.

See our Hiker Support options here.

In summary, the Grampians Peaks Walking Company is here to support you and the Grampians Peaks Trail in any way we can. If you're planning to hike any stage of the GPT and have any questions at all, don't hesitate to get in touch!

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